About Us

It’s likely that a lot of us, perhaps most of us, understand that ‘job security’ has been an illusion for many years.

Perhaps we haven’t wanted to rock the boat and lose what little security we have had, and so have kept our heads down, working all hours to keep the boss happy so at least we have our pay cheque at the end of the week or the end of the month.

But we know, in the back of our mind (even if we don’t want to think about it) we could lose that job at any time.

Nowadays there’s no such thing as a job for life.

But that’s not all. Now things are changing fast.

Inflation is at a 40 year high.

Interest rates are increasing.

The cost of gas and electricity is spiralling almost out of control.

As the ‘cost of living crisis’ hits, with higher mortgages and rent payments, higher energy bills, higher food costs, in fact higher everything, what we earn is, putting it bluntly, no longer enough.

And as if that weren’t enough, the chances are, wherever you live in the world, your economy is in recession or about to go into a recession.

Which means that not only is our pay not stretching far enough, but sadly some of us are going to lose our jobs and have nothing (except a minimal amount of welfare if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where the government will help).

Now, I know this all sounds a little dramatic, but it is the harsh reality.

As governments and central banks around the world battle with inflation, the only weapon they seem willing to use is increasing interest rates.

Put simply, this means they are deliberately trying to cut demand to slow the economy, and this means that businesses will close, or downsize and cut the number of employees.

If job security was an illusion before, we can now see it is totally non-existent.

What are we meant to do? Stick our heads in the sand and just wait for the inevitable when our boss tells us we are no longer needed? Burn through our savings (if we have any, most people don’t) and hope something turns up by the time it’s gone?

Sadly, most people will do nothing and will meekly accept their fate.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What we can do is start to take matters into our own hands, and start to build our income.

Yes, even while we are still working in our day job.

Or, if we don’t have a job at the moment, we can start right now.

This is what millionaires have known for a long time. Having just one source of income, like your pay or salary from your job, is dangerous.

If you have one source of income, and it disappears, you have nothing.

That is why the average millionaire has SEVEN sources of income.

And often from highly diversified activities, such as their own business, investments in other people’s businesses, property, shares and other investments, crypto, precious metals, etc


But don’t get too hung up on this list, it could be 101 things they have diversified into.

The main point I want you to understand is that they do not have all their eggs in one basket.

And they’d certainly never allow all their eggs to be in someone else’s basket, like their bosses (i.e your job).

Ad what they’ll more than likely tell you is that the best form of diversification is to have your own business. Even if it’s just a small one on the side. (I hate the term ‘side hustle’, I’d prefer to say ‘side business’)

Now don’t mishear me.

If you currently have a job, I am not telling you to quit. Far from it. It probably makes sense to keep that income stream going for as long as you can.

But you can no longer assume that job will always be there, so it makes no sense to keep it as your ONLY income stream.

Now is the time to protect yourself and start creating and building alternative income streams.

Then, if you lose your job, you have other resources to fall back on.

And if you don’t lose your job, you’ll have more money to do what you like with.

In fact, you may even get to a point when, with enough alternative income coming in, you choose to quit your job anyway! At a time when you choose, and on your own terms. How good would that feel?

This won’t happen unless you take action, and the starting point is building those multiple streams of income.

You will find your own way of doing this, but I’d suggest that you start with just one new income stream, and build that.

Then, when it’s established and you can take your foot off the pedal (most of the hard work is at the beginning when you get it started) you can then start your second stream and grow that as well.

And so on, and so on, until you have more income than you ever thought possible.

Along with real security.

And real choices.

Sounds good?

Well, this is what this website is all about. Offering you opportunities to create new income streams so that one day, in the not-too-distant future, you can be truly financially free.